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_MG_3299-1.jpgLooking back at all of my photography I thought it would be a great time for me to begin a blog. The first few blogs will cover different styles of photography that I have done. In future posts I will share how I learned specific photography techniques, what it takes to be a decent photographer, and how to begin a community photo club!




As you may know, lighting is key in any real estate photograph. Visit the space where you will be photographing, know which direction the sun rises and sets, figure out when the indoor and outdoor space will have the best lighting and schedule your photography appointment accordingly. Then it’s all up to Mother Nature.

Some rooms will be tiny, sometimes you will have to climb through bushes to get the right angle of the house/office. Be prepared for anything!


Trying to get the right angle of a bathroom has proven to be a daunting task. How do you take a normal, blah bathroom and make it a photo that people can picture themselves in?

You may need to take your camera off the tripod and hold it against a wall until you can get the right angle. Don’t be afraid to take some test shots with your phone first!

Again, lighting is key.


See this image of the conference rooms compared to the image below. The angle has changed, the lighting has changed, which version looks better?


Then there is the room with furniture in it that is just too big. If you cannot remove the furniture, move it around until the photo is attractive. IMG_3335-1.jpg

This is just a quick overview of real estate photography. When you go in, prepare the owners with the idea that you will be doing some staging of each room to make them appealing for photographs. Also let them know that you may need to come a second time to get the best lighting for the photos. And, with any type of photography, be prepared for anything.

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