Lodge Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of being hired to shoot Saint Hubert’s Lodge in Milton, NY. This property has two opposite types of bed and breakfasts, two small (tiny?) houses, it is also a full sporting clays course and dog training center. They also have a huge orchard. With that said, you can imagine how fun this was for me to shoot!

I got all photos done after my full-time job in three separate visits. The owners and manager were all very friendly and patient with me as they showed me the grounds. Whenever shooting spaces like this – real estate or bed and breakfasts – I have to do some rearranging of items and furniture so the space photographs well. It’s called staging and it is half of photographing a space. Check out my photos below!



I photograph real estate and bed and breakfasts. I’m available to hire. Contact me for rates and details.

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